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What Makes a Strong Leader?

According to Business Insider, there are 4 key character traits that make a strong leader.

1.) They are radically honest.
Being authentic and vulnerable with your employees will likely cause them to reciprocate and gain your trust.

2.) They are supportive.
John C. Maxwell said, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." The best leaders demonstrate their support by showing interest in their employees beyond the workplace. They encourage their strengths and support their aspirations.

3.) They recognize the talents and strengths of their tribe.
Great leaders will recognize each individual’s talents and develop strategies to make sure each person is able to use those strengths every day.

4.) They display empathy.
The ability to listen and personally relate to what your employees are going through is the single most important character trait of a strong leader. This is a skill that can’t be faked and according to a study done by
Development Dimensions International (which has studied leadership for 46 years), only four out of 10 leaders are “proficient in or strong on empathy.”

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Follow These 7 Steps to Start Your Business if You Want to be Successful

1.) Choose something you’re passionate about; something that you crave to know more about. You have a better chance at being successful if you wake up every day with a hunger and excitement to go to work.

2.) Research, Research, Research. Learn about your product or service. Learn about your product or services market. Learn about your competition. Learn about the resources required for your product or service. Learn everything you can from others before you make your own mistakes. You will make mistakes – learn from those too.

3.) Don’t be so sure of yourself that you’re unwilling to take advice from others. By this point, many people think that they’ve done everything they can and know everything there is to know. The problem with that thinking is that you don’t know what you don’t know. So gather a focus group of people you don’t know and ask for their opinion. Step back from your own bias and consider their thoughts and ideas.

4.) Just because you listen to others opinion doesn’t mean you ignore your gut. Consider opinions but ultimately you need to follow your heart. Sometimes the strongest link to success is persistence.

5.) Dive in headfirst. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. It never will be and it’s impossible to anticipate every roadblock. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is taking risks. The right time is now so take the plunge.

6.) Improvise, adapt, and overcome. It’s the motto of the marine core and should be the motto of every entrepreneur ever born. The only way to be successful is to improvise when problems arise. Adapt what you are currently doing to fit the new situation in order to overcome the problems facing you.

7.) Systemize. Once you have a handle on how things should be done, systemize your procedures. Systemization is the art of organizing, documenting, and implementing every position and procedure in your company. It is an essential step to growing your business. Want more information on how to systemize your business? Give us a call at (248) 449-5100.