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What is a business coach?

A question I often hear is: What could you teach me about my business? I’ve been in business for years, and I’ve done well.

My reply would be: Absolutely nothing. If you have built your business successfully, then you are unquestionably the expert in your field. There is nothing I can teach you about your business.

What I can do is give you a completely objective view of your business. I will work with you to enable you to tap into the knowledge and experience I've gained from owning five different businesses and coaching many others.

As your coach, I do not consult. I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t do the work for you. I will study your business. By asking you questions and drawing on your unique knowledge and skills, and mentoring you where there are gaps, I will coach you to achieve that potential. I will give you the knowledge, tools, vision and motivation to take both you and your business to the next level; to ultimately enjoy the accompanying financial and lifestyle benefits.

I will help you increase your profits 61% with FIVE KEY ACCELERATORS! What would a 61% increase in PROFITS mean to you?

INSIGHT and your business… let’s work together!

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Professional athletes have a coach, why not business owners?

INSIGHT Business Coach: A trusted guide with whom you can share your hopes and aspirations, in confidence that they will adapt to your daily needs. Your coach will play the daily role of a persistent motivator, stem taskmaster and purveyor of business knowledge in order to help you attain your personal and business dreams.

Your INSIGHT Coach will:

1. Be a mirror for you.

It’s too easy for business owners to neglect the management and marketing of their business through recurring postponement of critical tasks. Sharing your goals with your INSIGHT Coach means that if you don’t complete them, he will nudge and encourage you to prioritize and get them done.

2. Develop and refine your ideas.

You have great ideas! Some you can put into practice easily, others are raw and in need of refinement. Your INSIGHT Coach has acquired a working knowledge of hundreds of marketing, sales, customer service, and team-building strategies and knows how to adapt them to your business.

3. Share a wealth of business growth ideas.

When you’ve “run out of ideas” on how to sell your products and services, your INSIGHT Coach will educate you in business growth principles you’ll use for the rest of your business life.

4. Provide you with the contacts you need.

When you need contacts or resources for your business, such as expansion capital, investment advice, professional services, or resources to grow your personal library, your INSIGHT Coach has a network of business contacts and knows where to find the information you need.

5. Give you perspective from the outside, looking in.

Over time you lose the ability to see your business with the same objective clarity that you once did. It can be like living next to a busy road and not hearing the traffic. Your INSIGHT Coach is there to take a fresh look at you and your business. He knows what to look for, and most importantly, sees what your customers see. You will always receive the feedback you need!

Business today is a race for growth and efficiency; it’s a race with few rules. Yet so many business owners try to forge their own path through the thick undergrowth of trial and error, traditional thinking, and lack of information. Often they exhaust themselves far short of their finish line. The good news is that thousands of business owners have run the race before you, creating an excellent freeway of knowledge and experience. Your INSIGHT business coach has both studied and run the race themselves and are prepared to assist you to become the best you can be!